Digital Parenting: Router Limits Takes Back Family Time

Wresting against the techno-powers that be? Sometimes feel like murdering MInecraft? Flogging Facebook? Trashing Twitter? Shattering Snapchat? Injuring Instagram? (Okay, I took the alliteration too far.)

But seriously, sometimes it seems like our kids are actually glued to their devices, unable to so much as acknowledge us. There was a time when my son would happily greet me with a running hug upon arrival at home. Now? I'm lucky to get a grunt as he stares at his screen.

What's a parent to do?

Some parents I know literally go around the house with a basket, physically enforcing family rules by having the kids relinquish their devices - like some kind of gun buy-back program. While this may be tons of fun, it seems a little confrontational...or, at least, inconvenient. Other parents simply say, "No devices until you're 18!" But such a rule is not practical for all families. Surely there is some "happy medium" approach that don't require manhandling iPods away from children, or signed-in-blood agreements regarding online behavior.

Good News...there is!

It's called Router Limits and SOCS Wireless is now offering it to our customers free of charge. Router Limits is the best option available for keeping your home safe from harmful online content while managing the amount of time kids (and adults) spend connected to the outside world.

We rely on our calendars on our phones to remind us of all the things in life we need to do...except unplugging. There's some irony in that. But there are actually technological tools that can help us manage our screen time and get the family together for dinner, or offline for bedtime. The leading example is Router Limits, a comprehensive web management system that works on all the internet-capable devices on your home WiFi network. You can use it to schedule homework time, dinner time, bed time, family time...all on the device level, with no software to install. You will love the flexibility it gives you, and it's so easy to use, you will hardly know it's there (though your kids will certainly know it's there come bedtime!)

Check out more information on Router Limits @ or give us a call today @ 740-947-2409.

Steve Williams